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YasminG commented on Sweet and Savory4 years ago
" I wouldn't go for the macarons, nor the cupcakes. The cookies were moist and just right. I love their savory selection. .. "
YasminG rated on Sweet and Savory4 years ago
5.5 /10
Food: 6
Service: 6
Atmosphere: 7
Value: 3
Presentation: 8
Variety: 3
YasminG commented on Voila chocolate4 years ago
" Honestly, I go there to buy the lavender french macarons. Their freshly baked croissants are crisp and tasty, too.
But it would be great if they had all the items on their bread menu available to buy .. "
YasminG rated on Voila chocolate4 years ago
5.2 /10
Food: 7
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Value: 7
Presentation: 5
Variety: 4
YasminG commented on Charlotte4 years ago
" The mini cakes are absolutely delicious! I was also very impressed by the service. .. "
YasminG rated on Charlotte4 years ago
7.5 /10
Food: 9
Service: 8
Atmosphere: 4
Value: 8
Presentation: 8
Variety: 8
YasminG commented on Wakame4 years ago
" The best sushi in Jeddah. The delivery takes at least an hour, but it's worth it! .. "
YasminG commented on Cento per Cento4 years ago
" I've only been there once, and I truly loved it! The food was delicious, and the service was good. I would definitely recommend the black ink linguine.
As for the ambience, it was somewhat darker than .. "
YasminG commented on 16 HUNDRED Prime Steak4 years ago
" I wasn't too impressed. When I ask for my meat to be cooked "Medium", this is exactly what I would be expecting. Not an over cooked filet mignon. I was also sad last night that they were out of the sh .. "
YasminG rated on Wakame4 years ago
6.2 /10
Food: 8
Service: 8
Atmosphere: 0
Value: 8
Presentation: 8
Variety: 5
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