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Abdu commented on Marhaba6 years ago
" One of the best restaurants to eat South Asian food. Food in Marhaba can be eaten at any time as they have food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their lunch buffet is legendary. .. "
Abdu commented on Mumtaz6 years ago
" I find the environment in mumtaz very nice. They have a huge family area. They have some many different types of food and they all look delicious. .. "
Abdu commented on Tikka Express6 years ago
" One of the best BBQ are found here at tikka express. If i was to go there,it will be only for the BBQ. .. "
Abdu commented on Mehran6 years ago
" Mehran has a wide variety of food.a very popular restaurant for Asian food.even though the place is always packed its worth going there because the food is so great. .. "