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Gia Commented on Melange3 years ago
" Great food but service is HORRIBLE! .. "
Gia rated on Melange3 years ago
5.7 /10
Food: 8
Service: 2
Atmosphere: 6
Value: 4
Presentation: 8
Variety: 6
Gia commented on Sands Hotel Sandwiches3 years ago
" Love thier chicken sandwiches! We send our driver to pick up late night snacks all the time. .. "
Gia rated on Sands Hotel Sandwiches3 years ago
7.8 /10
Food: 9
Service: 8
Atmosphere: 7
Value: 10
Presentation: 5
Variety: 8
Gia commented on The Counter Burger3 years ago
" LOVED this place. Staff is very eager to please and the food is great! .. "
Gia commented on Byblos3 years ago
" The appetizers are really good. One of my favorite spots. .. "
Gia commented on The Store3 years ago
" Wonderful spot. Great atmosphere. Very relaxing. End up hanging out there hours on end with the girls! .. "
Gia commented on Outback Steakhouse3 years ago
" Food is really good. Service isnt anything to brag about... I like to order pickup/togo .. "
Gia commented on Bon Bon3 years ago
" Completely blown away by this place! Its AMAZING. The creations are out of this world! Great service but not a lot of space to entertain friends. .. "
Gia commented on Bharat3 years ago
" This place was really good. I thought I knew all about indian food until I came here! .. "
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