Tastycles? A Controversial Dish

Tastycles? A Controversial Dish
" The thought of some foods can make you lose your appetite instantly especially ones that.."
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The thought of some foods can make you lose your appetite instantly especially ones that are specific animal body parts, this is why our latest feature has made its way to you. With a title like the one chosen above we simply felt that the only way to glamorize our feature topic was to try and make it a little abstract and entertaining maybe even convincing. (Sensitive material may follow readers discretion is advised)

Sheep balls, as stated on the menu of the secret Lebanese cuisine restaurant we visited, are in no way glamorous or entertaining when presented as a meal, and many may argue that this meal is in fact something they would avoid at all costs. We, however, decided to indulge in a pair  of what turned out to be a lovely dish that decorated our taste palettes with an enjoyable and satisfying experience that we would most probably re visit.

So what is it about this dish that may seem disturbing. If you think about it then you might agree that absolutely nothing is disturbing.. the sheep and its balls are all together edible and frankly quite tasty. In fact in many parts of the world the testicles are a delicacy served only to the high society. China, Lebanon, Eastern Europe and many other places have there own version of the dish making it quite a popular meal by our knowledge.

Tasty and unique this dish has been a popular item over many years in many Lebanese cuisine restaurants. Presented both grilled or fried the flavor is mild and pleasant. Our waiter had recommended the grilled option on this specific occasion so we agreed to go for his choice and decide for ourselves what the outcome would be.

One of our food troopers was worried about the attempt to break the rules of what he considered to be a no go zone in food warfare, our argument was simple, if you do not go there then you don't have any of your own... and you are a traitor. A little harsh because we take our food seriously.

The dish arrived and what we had imagined in our minds to arrive as a gory looking presentation, turned out to be quite nice and far from the horrors of what some may picture. I will not go into the details, because we think that you have to experience it your self it is quite the experience. Make sure you take a few people that have no clue what they are about to eat and then enjoy the fun. Accompanied with a salad, some dipping sauces and bread this dish is delicious no doubt! and we recommend it to our readers who have not yet tried it for two reasons.

Reason 1: If you feel like changing up your boring menu and having something that you can talk about later then this dish is your solution

Reason 2:  If you want to find out who the real men are in your social circle then make this the test of their manhood. You will be surprised!

When it comes to our local culture and religious beliefs, in Islam eating sheep testicles is permitted although some may find it to be frowned upon in the same way as it is for eating shell fish, so if its your first time then you might frown for a short time but end up smiling after.

in other words, It's just another meat, do you have the stomach for it?

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5 years ago
" I don't know about this but it seems like a dare. Why not?? "
5 years ago
5 years ago
" I tried it...its really good..!! i was Skeptical too in be beginning...bt if u try the grilled or fried tastycles ..u wont have the same feeling to it.. :D "
5 years ago
" Well people usually find it disgusting before trying it...But those who have tried it say it tastes good...Ive been around the world BELIEVE me ppl eat stuff much worst! "

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