Re-defining Hejazi food

By Foul wa Douga  |  05/10/2010


Re-defining Hejazi food by providing Hejazi food with a modern twist.
Since the key point of the restaurant is Foul, we thought of having the name “Foul Wa Duga”. Duga is a type of spices that is widely known by Hejazi people which can be used on Foul.

What people usually fear from Foul & Tameez shop is the cleanness & neatness of the shop & staff. All Foul shops in Jeddah do not have the modern way & are very typical.

Packaging is one of the main aspects of Foul & Duga, special packages for Foul & Tameez will be considered such as a Pizza Box for Tameez so it can be served fresh & hot from the oven & also to make sure that no one touch it before you eat.

Restaurant will mainly focus on Foul, Tameez & Ma’soub along with old Hejazi items such as Samin, Douga, Hejazi sweets, & Sambosa:

Foul: with cheese, spicy, old recipes, light…etc
Tameez: with cheese, onions, oregano, spices…etc
Ma’soub: honey, diet, chocolate, gelly…etc
Hejazi Drinks, Hejazi Sweets, Samin & Duga from Tief & Madinah.

Location: Malik Road, Murjan Street

Opening: February 2011


Re-defining Hejazi food

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Re-defining Hejazi food

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Re-defining Hejazi food

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Re-defining Hejazi food



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" Wow, that's a raelly clever way of thinking about it! "

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