Local Life in a Nutshell

By sufrati.com  |  12/03/2009

Local food is often strongly flavored and spicy. The most common meats are lamb and chicken, beef is rare and pork is proscribed under Islamic law. The main meat meal of the day is lunch. Foreign cooking is on offer in the larger towns and the whole range of international cuisine, including fast food, is available in most places.

Things to know:

Eating, drinking and smoking in public during the fasting hours of Ramadan will incur strict penalties. Restaurants have table service. There are no bars. Alcohol is forbidden by law, and there are severe penalties for infringement; it is important to note that this applies to all nationals regardless of religion.

National specialties:

• Pitta bread (Khobz Arabi) accompanies every dish.
• Rice, lentils, chick peas (hummus) and cracked wheat (burghul) are also common.
• Kabssa (chicken or lamb on skewers) is popular for lunch.
• Kebabs served with soup and vegetables.
• Mezze, the equivalent of hors d’oeuvres, may include up to 40 dishes.

National drinks:

• Arabic coffee and fruit drinks are popular.
• Tea with mint, Camel milk, Turkish coffee are also common drinks
Tipping: The practice of tipping is becoming much more common and waiters should be given 10%.

Nightlife :

Evening entertainment is offered at restaurants and hotels. There are occasional events that happen throughout the year and shopping at malls seems to be the most popular activity overall.

Must do and see if you have the chance:

While visiting Saudi Arabia we advise, both Muslims and non Muslims to visit the local handcraft centers and Local restaurants to experience true Saudi culture and see Local products.

There are also desert expeditions, and coastal diving expeditions that can give you a better idea of what the wild life is like.

Several historical sites and museums are hidden within the cities ask around and you will find some very interesting places.
Venture in to the highlands of Saudi Arabia, to  discover the local fruits, beautiful scenic views and fresh air. Cities like Taif and Asir will surprise you with the lush greenery and cool weather. Enjoy a BBQ with some friends in a place that you will always remember.

Local Life in a Nutshell

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