Its Bright Its Bold and Its Raw…

By sara  |  12/03/2009

This month presents Sushi Yoshi. A concept that propelled its way in to many homes across the kingdom of saudi arabia finding its way on to as our Monthly pick. As a leading Japanese cuisine restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia with branches in both Riyadh and Jeddah it has been a consistent leader in its class. With its vibrantly branded and trendy venue we considers this to be a high end restaurant that focuses on being unique, modern while maintaining a classic style when it comes to presenting its food and its dining experience.

Fresh catch and high quality produce combined with a wide variety of unique menu items means this place will satisfy anyone who is or isn’t necesseraly up for a raw meal. It’s recently added menu items include japanese curry dishes as well as exciting non fish sushi that is well worth a try.

Saudi Arabia's sushi scene is growing rapidly as does its demand for great venues to serve this sophisticated cuisine. This months pick has set a bench mark in the industry competing with many others and leading the way when it comes to the delivery service and online ordering. Other than its practical and well designed packaging, that arrives in style, Suhi Yosi is consistent, well presented and tasty, the management ensures the best quality raw ingredients and latest trends in Japanese cuisine.

When it comes to value then this place may seem a little steep, however you must bare in mind we are talking about sushi and we all know that fish is generally expensive especially when it is of high quality and comes from overseas in many cases.

All in all, Sushi Yoshi is a great place to order form or go to for your raw desires. Delicious, exciting and affordable this venue is worth it.

Why Restaurant Of The Month?

Food: Unique exciting menu, well presented, delivers quickly.

Atmosphere: Very comfortable, good for large groups and modern hip decor.

Service: professional, welcoming and efficient.

Value: reasonable prices for high end food

Signing off till next month.

For more information on Sushi Yoshi branches and contact info click here or type it in our quick search.

Its Bright Its Bold and Its Raw…

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4 years ago
" طعم لذيذ "
4 years ago
" حلو "
5 years ago
" الاكل الياباني جيد بس للي يعرفله "
5 years ago
" انا احب الاكل الياباني "
5 years ago
" Well DEE i guess it just was'nt the best day to be there. Otherwise my visits have been quite refreshing. "
5 years ago
" I went there , my first time and hopefully not my last time wasn't good , the A/C wasn't working and also mostly they were serving Sushi XDD the waiter was really polite and telling people that and they can decide , I've decided to stay and enjoy being there no matter and about an hour later the A/C started to work and everything went fine . but they kinda were late with our orders and I have no idea why "
5 years ago
" You must try the japanese curry they have and if you can handle it go for the Volcano... Filled with WASABI "
5 years ago
" Ive tried many and this place is the best. Its so healthy for you. "

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