Falafel Redifined.

By Falafoul (Riyadh)  |  13/10/2010

Falafel, foul and hommus are popular traditional food in Levant and Egypt and become more popular in the whole of the Middle East. In Middle East, the falafel and foul concept has not been developed in the last decades in comparison with the development that the area witnessed. This is due to the culture, so when you think of falafel and foul, it came to your mind that a small shop with very basic branding and system serving food in a very old fashioned way.

Comparing falafel to burgers, the burger is also traditional food in US but due to the development culture there, some of the fast food chains that serve burgers become a leading example in the F&B sector.

This is where Falafoul came to the market and the aim is to represent this traditional food in a better way and could be the leading example, not only on the local market but also in the international market too.

Falafoul has not changed the falafel and foul concept. You can visit Falafoul and enjoy the traditional falafel sandwich or hummus and foul dish in the way you used to it but with a better packaging, service and quality taking in consideration the international best practices and standards in the food and beverage such as hygiene, food processing and handling, cleanness and all other international standards in the food business.

Besides that, people can also enjoy a new face of the falafel and foul with our recipe and product range that we have in Falafoul considering different way of preparing the food to provide a wider range of selection to our customers to enjoy and share Falafoul moments with us. For More Information

Falafel Redifined.

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