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Casper &Gambini’s

Mariam Dabbagh 15/05/2014

Casper &Gambini’s

At any visit to the new Casper &Gambini’s location on Tahlia Street here in Jeddah, it bec...

Al Ruwad

Swissotel 23/02/2014

Al Ruwad

As part of the Makkah Clock Royal Tower complex in the heart of the Holy City, Swissotel M...

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Jeddah’s Best Asian Restaurants

Eilaf Farajallah 16/06/2014

Jeddah’s Best Asian Resta...

What is it that we love so much about Asian food? Is it the appreciation of something so f...

Freshest salads in Jeddah

Eilaf Farajallah 06/05/2014

Freshest salads in Jeddah

Salad, salade, ensalada, salat, shala, insalata or as we Arabs like to call it “salata”. I...

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Texas Roadhouse

Maryam Al-Dabbagh 06/05/2014

Texas Roadhouse

Embracing the simple, the hale and the hearty, Texas Roadhouse is dedicated to elevating w...

Breakfast time is all the time at IHOP

Sufrati 01/04/2014

Breakfast time is all the...

IHOP is the ultimate American-style restaurant that delivers a truly iconic experience str...

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Food in Quran and Sunnah 05/08/2013

Food in Quran and Sunnah

There are some food items we must include in our daily lives. These food items can offer u...

Iftar Traditions From Around the World

Sufrati 16/07/2013

Iftar Traditions From Aro...

Apart from being a month of fasting and intense devotion, the Holy month of Ramadan provid...

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Corona Virus

Sufrati 06/05/2014

Corona Virus

Corona virus is a group of viruses that infect the respiratory system of both humans and a...

Dates 05/08/2013


Cultivated in the Middle East for several centuries, dates are among the most popular food...

Health and Kitchen

Chef Ali Benali 09/01/2014


The tropical tree Theobroma Cacao, which gives cocoa beans as a fruit, has historically be...

Italian Cuisine

Chef Ali Benali 29/10/2013

Italian Cuisine

Many people mistakenly consider Italian food to be limited to pasta and pizza. In reality,...

The Soulful Chef
Saudi National Day 2013 - Riyadh

Maryam Al-Dabbagh 22/09/2013

Saudi National Day 2013 -...

With the Saudi National day just around the corner, it is time to celebrate and hangout wi...

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P.F. Chang's

Mariam Dabbagh 17/06/2014

P.F. Chang's

P.F. Chang’s embodies the elusive goal of a restaurant that is true to its culinary roots,...

Cilantro Cafe

Eilaf Farajallah 06/05/2014

Cilantro Cafe

“A Quick service café with a different concept located at Le chateau mall, Ta...

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