Mix the rice,tomato,parsley,salt ,cinnamon,cumin,lemon juice and 3/4 olive oil together and the flavors to combine for 15 mn.
Spread the wine leaves on a preparation surface and drop a hazelnut size of the mixture in the center and start to roll like a spring roll.

In a deep and wide pot add the rest of olive oil then arrange first,in thick slice potatos,tomatoes and onoions the start to arrange the nicely the vine leaves ,building them in a circles.Once finish make sure to add mix :water, pomegranate,lemonjuice,tomatopaste,salt and pepper.Before start cooking you need to make sure that the liquid is above the vine leaves 5 cm and you have to cover the surface with relatively necessary weight to guarantee minimum pressure of the vine leaves in the pot.(example :couple of empty plates upside down).

Cook on a slow fire for 50 to 60 mn till tender.

Once done cool down the pot at least for 30 minutes and start to remove the wine leaves gently to store after in the chiller.