Chocolate Cup Cake
  • Warm up almond paste, add soft butter, 40 grams granulated sugar and mix everything slowly together. Add liquid warm dark couverture 65%. Incorporate slowly whole eggs, sieved pastry flour and Cocoa powder. Fill up in muffins paper cups and bake in a pre-heated oven at 210F for 18- 20 minutes.
Butter Cream
  • Cook water and 300 grams granulated sugar up to 121C / 249F. Whip egg white, add slowly cooked sugar into the egg white ( Meringue Italienne ). Boil milk, add to egg yolk and cook to Cream Anglaise 85C / 217F. Whip soft butter, add warm Cream Anglaise slowly and incorporate the cooked meringue
Vanilla Cream
  • Mix 1/3 of cold milk together with vanilla cream powder. Rest of the milk boil with 180 grams granulated sugar. Mix Vanilla cream powder mixture with hot milk and cook to a pastry cream. Cool down in refrigerator.