Through the internet, it is now possible to order any kind of food from more than 3000 restaurants a variety of across Saudi Arabia, offering mouth-watering dishes delights.

Through, the new website was launched by Nowayrah Group to make dining at home or at the office an even more delightful experience, with the most comprehensive listing of dining possibilities in Saudi Arabia, including restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

On this occasion, Abdulaziz Al Abdullah, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nowayrah Group said, "This site helps in saving considerable time usually spent looking for a proper restaurant, given the ever increasing number of restaurants in Kingdom prompted by the expansion of Saudi cities. Thus, we have established to make it easy for everyone to locate the right restaurant that will suit their tastes. Getting a sumptuous meal is now just a click away, with all-day access to the most comprehensive online network of restaurants in the Kingdom."

According to Al Abdullah, is not just about dining convenience and saving time, but in due course aims to raise the standards for outdoor dining. He explained, "We aim to be the official site for restaurants in Saudi Arabia that provides the best and latest information, and the ability to expand our services to provide this service outside Saudi Arabia, and provide a platform to inspire all Internet browsers."

He pointed out that the idea behind establishing of the site came when three young men decided to dine together.

And they were chocked for failing to choose the appropriate restaurant in view of the variety of options in Jeddah. And then one of them said, "What shall we eat?"

Hence, came the idea of creating site, to be the first complete and comprehensive online directory around the clock for major restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

Commenting on the site services, Al Abdullah said, "The internet is the future and offers great help to owners of restaurants, cafes and bakeries around Saudi Arabia by assisting their clients to locate them. It is a free-of-charge service that is also easy to access and understand given that the site is offered in both Arabic and English."

"Establishments can place their logos, internet links, menu samples and photos of their dining and sitting halls as well as any other information that will help customer decide as to which restaurant they will order from," Al Abdullah ended.