St. Elmo's Seaside Brasserie

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71 712244
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St. Elmo's Seaside Brasserie
A Casual Dining, Burger, American Restaurant

About St. Elmo's Seaside Brasserie

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An escape from the dreary restaurant grind, St. Elmo’s serves elevated pub grub in a retro-urban seaside setting. Packed with ‘crowd pleasing fare’, the look is simultaneously rough and quaint, in a struggling-artist sort of way.
Price Range: 45-75$
Category: Casual Dining
User Ranking #6 for Burger in Beirut Lebanon
Most Agreed Comment:
" the food is good, but it is the worse service i have ever had in beirut or anywhere. When I first went I ordered something and when it didn't come out with my friends' food I reminded the waiter and he told me they didn't have it that day. Thanks for waiting until after everyone is served to let me know. I thought the first time I went it was just a fluke, but when I went back the service was even worse. Not only did I have to wait 30 minutes to order a drink (while it wasn;t busy) i had to walk over to get my waiter to do so. Then the order was wrong for the food. Another 30 minutes before I could get any waiters' attention. Then it came time to pay and the bill was $50 and I only had $100 on me. I wait for the change another 30 minutes, eventually have to get up and track the waiter down for change. Stand awkwardly waiting another 15 minutes. Get handed the wrong change. Track waiter down again and wait another 20 minutes for the correct change. Even then, I had been shorted about 1000 LL, but I just wanted to leave so I let it go. Then when I went to complain to the manager about the horrible service he just smiled and nodded and kept cutting me off, obviously not caring about the quality. Never going again... " Read More

Features of St. Elmo's Seaside Brasserie

  • Indoor
  • Buffet
  • Busy
  • Outdoor
  • Takeaway
  • Quiet
  • Single Section
  • Delivery
  • Romantic
  • Family Section
  • Catering services
  • Young Crowd
  • Private Room
  • Drive Through
  • Trendy
  • Wheel Chair Accessibility
  • Valet Parking
  • TV Screens
  • Smoking
  • Business Facilities
  • Sheesha
  • Non Smoking
  • Wifi
  • Child Friendly

St. Elmo's Seaside Brasserie Branches

Minet El Hosn, Zaitunay Bay - 71 712244
Branch Type: Classic Restaurant in Beirut