About Us

Sufrati.com is an online social interactive directory for restaurants all over Lebanon. It provides you with numbers, directions, price range, reviews, videos, photos and even more. When viewing a restaurant profile on Sufrati.com you are exposed to a vast array of information that is not found anywhere else. More so users are able see the actual restaurant from the inside through our panoramic view service, book a table online & watch a unique video produced by us about that specific restaurant. Users can rate, comment and even follow their favorite restaurants.

Who We Are:

We provide a complete categorized list of restaurants, food outlets and other related venues in Lebanon, KSA and more to follow soon. We dedicate our time to make sure you find what you are looking for when it comes to food and dining. Get the numbers and directions you need when you’re hungry at home or at the office, check what new restaurants have opened up and try out different exciting menus from around the globe all at your fingertips.

Look up any Lebanese city and enjoy the easiest way to know where to eat out or what to dine in. 

What We Do:

Giving you information about restaurants and dining was the key reason why Sufrati.com was created and we aim to give our users a greater access to where they can enjoy their next meal. Eating is in everyone’s action plan and so we are dedicated to being a part of that plan to spread the excitement and joy that comes from every bite we take.


We aim at promoting the Lebanese restaurants and food industry in the region and worldwide.

Through our comprehensive and accurate database we offer users practicality, usability, directions and a unique and trusted brand that entertains the way we think of dining.


We aim at being the leading interactive restaurant directory in the Middle East that offers the best and most up to date services and operating as the official platform where food lovers can connect to all active venues in the food industry.


To make sure users are always up to date with every piece of news regarding the restaurants and food industry, we send our weekly newsletter that sheds light on a certain restaurant through a video interview, highlights the latest events, tells you what are the stars’ favorite dishes and teaches you how to make easy recipes and even get the chance to win invitations to dine at our top rated restaurants.