Review by umapathy for Royal Malabar

Hello friends, I am hindu,every one knows hindus will not eat beef.The incidient happen for me is we ordered hot &sour soup/chicken cripsy/Roti & Naan. 1.In hot & sour soup we could not able to see any wrong until bowl appers.My wife she saw male hair & complaints to waiter.He responds u finished and saying hair in the soup. 2.We will not eat beef,we doestnt know how beef taste.After seeing the bill i asked they replied you finished it & saying you will not eat. Such a bullshit & cheating hotel pepole didnt say soory,just took the money no excuse nothing. Gentlemen please be carefull.
Food : 4  |   Service : 0  |   Atmosphere : 0  |   Value : 0  |   Variety : 0  |   Presentation : 0
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