A novel chocolatier in town – in terms of time and concept!  Venchi – one of the few places with no French affiliations, in fact, it is originally Italian.  Obviously, the Italian culinary excellence can never be questioned; that instinctive passion for food is always there.

Surprisingly, Italy has some of the finest Chocolate makers in the world, and Venchi tastefully proves it.  The quality, freshness and originality are all up to first-rate standards of confectionary, and clearly these are areas of no compromise for Venchi.  The taste of cocoa butter is incredibly pungent that you may actually prefer to have the chocolates plain.  Knowingly, Venchi created the Triple Layered pieces for the mere indulgence of pure chocolate – the triple layered dark just says it all!

Crunchy nuts and soft pralines are the most flavoursome fillings at Venchi; they both add that rich flavour to the authentic chocolate taste. Besides, the sugar-free range is no less satisfying for those who prefer it – it is still pleasurable, but in a healthier sense!