For years now, burgers have been the go to meal for busy people on the run. Not only are they quick to order, quick to prepare, and make for a tasty and satisfying meal, they can be enjoyed whenever and wherever. However, many restaurants have taken those advantages to the all-mighty burger, and went on to serve them in a less than desirable fashion.

Not Square Meater, though! The décor of the restaurant is a beautiful mix of all that is young and modern and edgy. A stark background of black and white with strong accents of red highlighting a design that is chic, minimal and practical. There is a bit of a 50’s diner style feel to it which adds both character and charm. So in terms of atmosphere, Square Meater is the perfect place for a quick lunch on your break off work, or a fun night out with the fellas.
The menu is itself a great reflection the ambience of the eatery, black, white and red, at a glance, it provides you with the many options you have for a satisfying and delicious meal. With great choices like “The Meater”, the “Cheese Meater”, “The Dog” and amazing starters and salads like “Mozzarella Squares”, “Onion Rings” and “Caesar Salad”, all served with strong flavor and unique flair, you are sure to come back for more. And because all the dishes are made with such quality ingredients, that really translates in the richness and strength of the taste. For example, the french fries will be the best you ever have; a thick cut, a golden flavor and seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika, french fries in your eyes will forevermore be redefined. At Square Meater, it’s all about the sauce, or better yet, sauces, so make sure to ask any of the smiling servers to help you explore your options and have your meal just the way you like it.
And the desserts certainly don’t disappoint, “Chocolate Chip Cookie”, “Apple Crumble”, “Fudge Brownie”, and so much more, all served with vanilla ice cream, their sweetness a strong competitor against the other salty options on the menu.
And that isn’t even the sweetest part of the deal, with all choices priced competitively, by the end of this meal, your wallet may be just as happy as you are. (If not more).