Famous actors, renowned poets, celebrated writers, against a beautiful backdrop of the coastal landscape, including stunning photos of majestic ruins, all line the walls of the cavernous venue.Comfortable couches everywhere, smiling waiters at your service, Fayrooz playing in the background, providing the perfect theme music to your Mediterranean adventure, Semsom does a remarkable job of providing a dining experience that it is hospitable just as it is elite.

There is a delightful clash of new and old, customary and contemporary in the style of cooking, that fall under their own unique theme of “tradition with a twist”. At Semsom, you will encounter the conventional Lebanese dishes, and although they are still loyal to their elements and they maintain all the goodness of long-established customary Lebanese cooking, they do possess their own little cheeky flair. Fine examples from the widely varied and distinctly diverse menu are the “Mama Ghanousha”, a delightful and delectable play on the usual “Baba Ghanoush”, the “Red Tabouleh” which is just as lovely to taste as it is to behold, and hummus, infused with sumac served in a beautiful blushing pale pink. And it’s not just the salads that are wonderful, Semsom also offers a wonderful selection of meat, richly seasoned and cooked to perfection in your choice of oven, grill or “saj”. The portions are generous, the aromas affable, and the taste both distinct and delicious.

No meal is complete without the perfect drink and the beverages at Semsom will not let you down. They live up to the high standards of freshness and fineness Lebanese cuisine is known for and they come in with wide options, arguably the best being the “Minted Lemonade” and the “Grenadine”.

Close off the meal with the perfect dessert, and find more signature dishes traditional in name, unique in presentation, the most prominent being, “Cheesecake Raha Osmallieh”, a divine marriage between east and west, that challenges time, tradition and your taste buds.
Straight from the heart of Lebanon to the center of Jeddah, Semsom is a both a refreshing and reinvigorating dining experience certainly worth of a try.