Breaking barriers and reintroducing Asian cuisine to food fanatics here in Jeddah, Pan Jan delves into this beautiful cuisine and offers you the best of Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes. There is a magic as to how the different styles of cooking seamlessly merge into one another, yet somehow remain deliciously distinct. It’s very likely the atmosphere has something to do with that, with its wide spaces and relaxed ambience, it’s an intriguing contrast, that adds depth to the inspiration behind the design, a fast-paced urban lifestyle. Chopsticks as door handles, chopsticks as railings and chopsticks on your table; it’s humorous and really keeping in touch with the theme of the restaurant. Once you get past the panoramic pictures and the comfortable seats, you can really focus on the beauty of your meal.
The menu is very straightforward and easy to use, breaking down the foreign jargon into simple sections to better help you jumpstart your meal. After you marvel at the scenic beauty of your dish, remark on its quiet dignity, take a quick photo of it for Instagram, don’t be afraid to just dig right in. The “ ” is a fan favorite and while it is crispy on the outside, it’s soft on the inside and sensuously scrumptious on all sides. Don’t miss out on their signature dishes like the “Honey and Ginger Roast Chicken” and the “Salmon Teriyaki”. And just to make a good meal great, be sure to order their most popular drink the invigorating and revitalzing “PanJan Beer”. And you can’t go wrong with Moshi’s Kiwi. The drinks are soothing and refreshing to offset the explosion of flavor that’s in all the other dishes.
Asian cuisine, like all cuisines, is influenced by its culture, a culture where maintaining family ties, honoring friendships and sharing the good times are unquestioned staples. This beautifully carries over into everything that makes this restaurant wonderful; the style, the décor, the theme and most importantly the amazing food. The way the food is served is for sharing, so make sure you are in good company with family and friends to enjoy your exotic and enticing meal at Pan Jan.