A venue that was designed with fun in mind, Margherita will make a strong and lasting impression on you, literally seconds into your arrival; with a cavernous setting boasting a sleek, silver wood fire oven, mammoth, mythical and marchen in both style and scope, spouting from the floorboards, dominating the atmosphere with its whimsical and larger-than-life presence. Glass against glass clinks, cutlery cuts on plates, waiters whiz by, appetizing aromas glide everywhere and laughter spills over from surrounding company. A perfect example of organized chaos, Margherita is a welcome assault on the senses like no other,with the sounds, the scents and the smiles invading all of your senses. If it’s all too much, at first, fear not, as the extremely friendly staff will share the method behind the madness and show you around.

Remember the wood fire oven? It’s not just for show. After placing an order, the chef will cook the pizza right before your eyes with authentic tomatoes imported from Italy, flawlessly tasteful mozzarella, fresh dough that is prepared per shift, all in a constant and endless drizzle of salubrious olive oil. (Psst, ask for the spicy olive oil. Your life will never be the same again.) And whether it’s a Marinara, a Bresaola, a Bufala or the famed Margherita, the pizzas roll out hot, delectably delicious, with a crust that is thin, light and sinfully smoky.

The beverages at Margherita are not to be forgotten, with its rich collection of authentic Italian coffee drinks, everything from the Espresso, Ristretto, Macchiato, Café Latte, and of course the Cappucino. The desserts are to die for, and all are incredible but the Tiramisu Classico, Torta de Mele and Fondante al Gianduia are in a league all of their own.
Regardless of what you order, when you go, or who you bring, Margherita is the culinary celebration of a beautiful love story, one whose highs and lows are heavily imprinted everywhere you look, and one who’s sure to mark the beginning of a new one.