A high ceiling, colorful comfy chairs, appetizing goodies on display all flooded in sunlight, are all accents to the relaxed and easy atmosphere Kalila has to offer. The décor is wholesome and hearty and it has a very homemade feel to it which will definitely put you at ease. There is so much to appreciate, the easy grace of the servers, the soft lighting of the venue, the authentic fire oven that seems straight out of a fairytale and perhaps most impressive: the live cooking station, where you can see your food, right before your eyes, become a thing of beauty even before it's on your dish. One thing worthy of note is the stunning work of art, come to life in a wall upon which authentic wooden cooking tools like spoons, spatulas, rolling pins and so many more are arranged in the most beautiful formations. It’s certainly a sight to behold and one with which many visitors choose to pose with. Don’t hesitate to snap a photo yourself by the wall, the waiters, are friendly, well-experienced with this scenario and will be happy to suggest ways to pose.
And when it comes to the food, Kalila certainly doesn’t disappoint not just with the great and unique taste of the food but also with its endless variety. Perfect croissants, stuffed with your choice of cheese or za’tar, are light, rich and very tasty. The cookies are a whole other affair, available in every flavor under the sun, with the “Raisin Cookie” being a fun favorite. What’s really amazing though, is their fun and fruity interpretation of the classic cheesecake, the “mango cheesecake” which is sinfully thick, rich and creamy.

Besides satisfying your sweet tooth, Kalila also serves great sandwiches on traditional flatbread, in distinct and delicious styles, like Tandoori and Turkish and so many more. What with their unbeatable offers, this makes them the best place to grab a delicious and fulfilling business lunch.
Your meal would not be complete without a delicious drink and that is where Kalila truly shines, boasting amazing smoothies in every flavor imaginable, but for the first time we would definitely recommend the “Detox”, a citrus explosion of flavor that revitalizes, reinvigorates and refreshes.
All of this is what puts Kalila on the map and keeps us coming back for more of its tantalizing goodies. But it doesn't end there! Right before you leave make you sure you stop by the counter and take home some of their unique and freshly made products, so good they are a brand all on their own, all dastardly delicious and a perfect (and edible) souvenir for a night well spent. The only thing that can make this restaurant better is the fact that it delivers it's delectable and distinct homemade flavor: right to your home! That's right, Kalila caters, and admirably so, not just with flavors from the Orient but also with its hospitality.
And that's why Kalila is certainly the perfect place to stop by for a warm evening of good times with good food and good company.