Dealers in the northern part of the city told Arab News that certain species of fish were being sold at varying prices. The prices of Hamour, Kanat and sardines had increased by 65, 40 and 30 percent respectively, they said.
“The fish market has fewer customers owing to the high prices compared to the sales records of corresponding months of previous years,” a dealer said, adding that the rates vary from one place to another.
A fish shop owner said that the price increase had led to a drastic drop in sales by up to 50 percent. “The period was supposed to witness a rise in demand for several reasons including the beginning of the school year, return of people from the summer vacations and the influx of a large number of students from other regions and provinces,” he said.
Meanwhile, another fish dealer said that weather changes, especially the high temperatures and the decline in fishing operations in areas considered major fish suppliers, had contributed to the spike.
“The Jazan region has recently experienced a dust storm which decreased fishing operations in the area considerably leading to fewer fish in the market which automatically raised their price,” he explained.