Sharing good food with friends is one of the most enjoyable things we can do. However, entertaining doesn’t have to be as lavish or competent as the Iron Chef, you can have just as much fun keeping things simple, yet stylish. And the big bonus is you can entertain with a minimum of fuss, even on the tightest of budgets.

Here are 10 clever ways to keep costs down when entertaining at home.

1. Plan ahead, make a plan and budget for what you will serve. Around SR10 a head should cover it but allow extra for "fancy" food.

2. Recipe finder ,don’t spend a fortune on cookbooks when you can get free budget entertaining recipes online or from your local library you can even find some recipes right here on

3. Fresh is best, when planning what food you will serve; stick to simple dishes that feature fruit and vegetables that are local and in season. Using products in season is a lot cheaper than paying a bundle for imported or hard-to-get products.

4. Save with specials check supermarket catalogues and buy items on special. You’ll be surprised how much you will save, particularly when using Home brands or No Brands, check out Panda supermarkets ,they have weekly specials all the time and you’ll be paying less there than any other supermarket.

5. Freeze frame, buy special cuts of meat for entertaining while on special and freeze until needed.

6. Stretch your meals, using rice or pasta will make a meal go much further. Add more vegetables and less meat for a tasty way to save on ingredients and cash.

7. Potluck Party is a great idea, invite guests to bring and share their signature dishes. Set up a buffet so guests can try a bit of everything. These works particularly well with a themed dinner, such as an Indian flavor night or Italian or even try a Mexican fiesta.

8. Table talk - a spectacular table centerpiece or a theme is a terrific way to inject the "wow" factor into your entertaining. There are plenty of ideas around that you can adapt for free just by using your imagination.

9. Chill out - A jug of chilled water with a few lemon slices looks beautiful on the table and is much cheaper and healthier to offer guests than juices or soft drinks with the summer here, Saudi can be very hot and hydration is key ,and trust  me you’re doing yourself and your guests a favor.

10. Scale down - If you’re still concerned about spending too much, scale down your entertainment plans. Instead of a "whole" meal, host a morning or afternoon tea, brunch, or afternoon nibbles. You can entertain even more cheaply by having a board game or puzzle night or who could forget “ballot “where you only need to serve snacks and play your night away.

If you have any bright money saving ideas about entertaining on a low budget, or would like to know more information, please contact and well be happy to either share your notes or answer any questions.