Famous for an unparalleled breakfast menu that runs the gamut from their world-famous buttermilk pancakes that come in towering stacks of syrupy deliciousness, to the extra fluffy omelettes stuffed with the filing of your choice, to French toast, hash browns and sausages for all those who wake up ravenous, IHOP doesn’t stop there. The fun continues throughout the day, with a lunch and dinner menu made up of an equally stunning variety of delectable meals. From sandwiches and all-American burgers, to tender steaks and crispy fried chicken, to twists on classic favorites like pot roast, the IHOP dinner menu has something for everyone. It’s this kind of high-quality food and beverage choices that have made IHOP a favorite location for all types of food – not just in America, but around the world – for over 50 years. IHOP restaurants are open throughout the day and evening hours, offering an appealing, broad array of great-tasting meal choices along with attentive, friendly table service in an attractive and comfortable atmosphere. With an appealing list of options a mile long, IHOP can delight you no matter what time of day.