From the moment you set foot in Aseil, you will know that you are somewhere special and unlike any other. The ambience is relaxed, refinedand suffused in a warm and glorious throwback to everything that is golden and old-fashioned in Saudi culture. The seating arrangements are authentic to the traditional designs of the typical Saudi majlis, the geometrical patterns on the wall are a wonder to behold, and even the menu, by bringing together distinctly different dishes from the many different provinces, is a work of art that tells a story. Don’t worry, you can take a reminder of that beautiful architecture home, as the display of merchandise is varied, genuine, and handmade by local artists.

Upholding the rich Arab customs, you are welcomed with warm smiles, ushered to your table and served complimentary Arabian coffee for starters. And whether you are a Saudi native who has spent every breath here at home or a well-seasoned traveler in search for a new culinary adventure, we promise you, the dishes at Aseil are like nothing you have ever tasted before. The rocca salad is spicy and sweet in all the right ways. The Fattah Batenjan is creamy and cooked to perfection. The Jareesh is so delicously rich and so sinfully luscious. The Kabsa will make you reassess every Kabsa dish you have ever had. And the KubaibatHael are simply the best vine leaves you will ever have. However, not all these dishes are just traditional, with the best example being: the Qatayef Nutella, a modern spin on regular Qatayef.  And whatever you do, don’t forget to try the mouth-watering pomegranate juice.

By finding the perfect balance between remaining true to the rich culture which gave birth to the pioneering concept and still remaining accessible and enjoyable to modern diners, Aseil is not only a beautiful idea but a beautiful awakening to all the joys a patriotic palate can offer.