We like to complain and groan, but there nothing to do HERE,other than to eat of course! The fact of the matter is, no matter where you live, or where you are going food IS entertainment. It's what people do. We eat. We consume. We devour. And its fun. Yes, food is entertaining, whether its a new restaurant, an old favorite, grandma's cooking, or a $2 hot dogs from a street vendor, it almost doesn’t matter.
We punctuate our lives, our celebrations, even our grievances (all you emotional eaters are nodding right now), with a meal. We catch up with friends over coffee,  we show our guests they are welcome with tea, sweets, and a buffet. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that there are very few entertaining activities that don’t somehow involve food. Whether it’s shopping, movies, going to the beach, even sporting activities, they all involve meals and snacks! The first thing you’re served on an airplane is a beverage and salted nuts.
If you are planning a vacation and decide to Google the destination, dining or special types of dishes are mentioned as musts before you leave. Not only is eating a form of entertainment, but also cooking and preparing meals. Food lovers will swear by their culinary artistry. Not to turn this into a philosophical question but this makes one wonder, can food make you happy? If you’re entertained then you’re at least momentarily happy, right? So the question stands are we gluttons for entertainment? Absolutely!